1,578 PCN Hotspots Found So Far

So far we have identified 1,578 PCN Hotspots. Check where they are and avoid getting a ticket.

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Finding & Classifying the PCN Hotspots

We are collecting together a list of PCN Hotspots and classifying them by number of PCNs Issued per day.

Classifying PCN Hotspots

We have classified PCN Hotspots as follows:

Number of PCNs Hotspot Level
15 or More per DayPurple Alert
5 to < 15 per DayRed Alert
2 to < 5 per DayOrange Alert
1 to < 2 per DayYellow Alert
3 to < 7 per WeekBlue Warning
1 to < 3 per WeekGrey Warning

Where We Find the PCN Information

Every local authority has to publish overall revenue and spending information on their parking and PCN activities. But only a tiny number seem to give details at the street level.

So far, we have only found 7 local authorities or areas that have publish enough information to work out PCN Hotspots:

  • Barnet
  • Calderlade
  • Camden
  • Leeds
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Northern Ireland
  • Sevenoaks

Each council or area has published slightly different information. Some have publish full lists of PCNs issued while others have only published summaries by street. We have analysed and compiled this data to produce our PCN Hotspot listings.

Let's Find All the PCN Hotspots!

We want to find all the PCN Hotspots and make them easy to locate, so that we can all avoid getting unnecessary tickets.

Our next step is to request this data from each of the local and unitary authorities in the UK. We will update and expand our PCN Hotspot database as we receive what we need from the authorities.

If you know of any sources of this PCN Data, please let us now by emailing: tuhin-admin@proviser.com

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests, please email us at tuhin-admin@proviser.com

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