Parking Tickets - About The Data

Sources of Data

We have asked local authorities and other organisations across the county to give us data on each ticket issued in their area for the last 36 months (24 months if that is not available). Most are giving about 24 months data. Some less.

Comparing Areas

The data is in different formats and so need to be processed to compare between areas and to identify locations and hotspots.

Because authorities have given information from slightly different dates we may have used slightly different 12 month periods when calculating number and value of tickets issued. In doing that we have tried, to ensure that comparisons are valid.

If 12 months is not available then we have sometimes estimated 12 month figures from a shorter time span. Those figures will have notes saying that.

Off-Street, On-Street, Bus-Lane, Moving

Some authorities issue all types of tickets within their areas and so issue tickets for

off-street (car parks) on-street (yellow lines etc) bus-lane moving traffic offences (no right turn etc) Others only issue one or more of those with the rest issued by another organisation.

This means there are some areas that have one or more of these four tickets types missing.

We have included and analysed what we have so that we can find locations and hotspots as soon as possible. We will add new data as we get it. So please be aware that there will be parking ticket hotspots that we have not yet identified.

Feedback or Help

If you have any suggestions, questions or requests please Email Us

Covid Period

For most areas we have data from before the covid period as well as over the last year. We will look across the country to see if there are differences in how parking tickets have work out.

But for the purposes of finding hotspots and for comparisons we will try, where possible, to use data that is prior to February 2020.


You can see how we are progressing in obtaining and processing data by clicking: Progress So Far »

Note: Some councils and issuing authorites have not yet provided all the information we need. But we have use what they have given so far to find the hotspots we can find in those areas. But, please be aware that there may be more yet to find.

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