England & Wales Source Data (All Property Types)

Source Data

Sale Price Address Type Date Sold
£163,000 106, READING ROAD, NORTHOLT (UB5 4PJ) T 2003-02-21
£247,500 58, ADAMS MEADOW, ILMINSTER (TA19 9DD) D 2005-07-15
£320,000 58, WHELLOCK ROAD, LONDON (W4 1DZ) F 2010-09-10
£104,000 17, WESTGATE, MORPETH (NE61 2BH) D 1997-08-27
£147,995 4, MASON GARDENS, KING'S LYNN (PE33 0RU) D 2003-05-02
£110,000 5, WILD FLOWER WAY, BUNGAY (NR35 2SF) T 2013-03-22
£180,000 17, OAKWOOD DRIVE, SWANSEA (SA8 4DG) D 2003-12-23
£177,000 11, WATER LANE, BRISTOL (BS4 5AW) S 2012-05-29
£190,000 148, HIGH STREET, CHIPPENHAM (SN14 8LU) T 2013-10-04
£68,000 83, WHITEHORSE ROAD, CROYDON (CR0 2JJ) S 1999-05-21
£30,000 34, WELLAND CRESCENT, BARNSLEY (S74 8AG) S 2005-07-01
£43,000 27, LINDEN MEWS, LYTHAM ST. ANNES (FY8 3XD) T 1998-12-21
£53,000 114, ECROYD PARK, HEREFORD (HR4 7EN) S 1996-11-29
£360,000 EARLESMERE, MORPETH (NE61 5JT) D 2015-01-28
£147,500 30, MAYFIELD ROAD, BLACKBURN (BB1 9BT) S 2015-01-30
£91,000 147A, AVON ROAD, UPMINSTER (RM14 1RQ) F 2002-01-18
£87,000 8, EASTERLY CLOSE, BRIDGEND (CF31 2NA) S 2009-01-09
£418,000 83, TULSEMERE ROAD, LONDON (SE27 9EH) F 2014-12-08
£76,995 10, BADMINTON CLOSE, BRIDLINGTON (YO16 6GD) D 2000-06-26
£95,000 38, VICARAGE MEADOW, FOWEY (PL23 1EA) D 1999-01-07


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