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House Prices/Property Price Trends

Welcome to the Derbyshire house price trend page. The links below will take you directly to detailed graphs and tables of property price trend analysis for the towns and postcodes in Derbyshire

Sold House Prices

This data covers the transactions received at land Registry in the period 1 Jan 2012 to 30 Nov 2012. © Crown copyright 2012.

If you have found an error with the data please contact Her Majesty's Land Registry (HMLR)

Property Price Analysis

House price analysis and trends information shown in graphs and tables is an analysis from data originating from various sources. Due to a number of factors such as changes in postcode, town and other boundaries in the period since 1995 there have been a number of approximations and assumptions made in processing and analysing data to produce the graphs and tables for each area. Whilst every effort has been made to try to ensure the accuracy of information on this site, We cannot guarantee that it is all accurate or up-to-date. You should ensure that you confirm any information that you will rely on with the appropriate source. © PROVISER 2013

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